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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Release Note - 13/8/17

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4874DID repository export not showing all fields
4873DID repository not showing the DID when new client is assigned
4871IP getting not added.. Says duplicate IP
4865DID Report
4839DID Repository
4874DID repository export not showing all fields
4847Calls with Orig/Term Release with D not seems Dropped calls from switch
4845Format of Report is not same in Daily Summary
4837DID Repository  
4812Disable All Carrier button does not write to modification log
4783Billing rule fixed and variable rate set error
4714Agent CDR error
4708switch setting is showing empty
4704Apply Rate Table for generated rate
4703Generate Rate export
4702Rate Generate result
4700Calculate Rate Based on LCR
4698Rate Generation Margin
4697Download IP
4696Rate Delivery log
4328Teleinx- call failing with 402 is not in QoS
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

DeNoVoLab Brings Proven All-in-One Softswitch to BBCOM’s High Performance Switching Architecture

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Premier US VoIP Service Provider Chooses DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion for its Wholesale Termination Services

For Immediate Release: August 18, 2017
Key Takeaways:
  • BBCOM expanded its capacity with Class 4 Fusion Switch.
  • The DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion Switch provides BBCOM with switching, routing, integrated billing, advanced blocking and traffic monitoring.
  • DeNoVoLab’s Class 4 Fusion SBCs incorporates automation including rate generation, rate delivery, traffic monitoring and blocking, loop detection, fraud detection, and much more.
Wilmington, DE. – DeNoVoLab, a global leader in high performance Class 4 switching, announced today that BBCOM, a leading wholesale and retail telephony provider, selected the DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion as the foundation for its expanded network architecture for high quality conversational and call center termination service.  
Based in Los Angeles, BBCOM provides traditional enterprise telecommunications services, such as direct inward dialing and toll-free services. With increasing interest from customers for call center termination services, BBCOM expanded its switching capacity to accommodate growing customer demands.
A fundamental requirement when providing call center traffic is the ability to support high CPS and the blocking of invalid calls.  The DeNoVoLab solution provides BBCOM with robust routing functionality, allowing them to maximize port utilization and profitability. The DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion also delivers industry-leading scale, intelligent routing, geo-redundancy and simplified network management. Additionally, BBCOM selected DeNoVoLab as its fully automatic from rate generation to rate delivery.  Both BBCOM clients and agents can use the DeNoVoLab platform’s self-service portal to check reports and CDRs, allowing BBCOM to significantly increase customer service and satisfaction.  BBCOM has already begun to add new customers onto its DeNoVoLab-based switching platform.
“Call Center termination is the fastest-growing segment in wholesale termination and BBCOM is now in an excellent position to deliver high quality call center termination to customers with exceptional levels of reliability, availability and performance,” said Anne Kwong, DeNoVoLab Chief Architect. “Using DeNoVoLab SBCs for wholesale termination, BBCOM can terminate more minutes with maximum profitability.”
“DeNoVoLab Class 4 Fusion is designed to work on high CPS VoIP traffic switching, and that has allowed us to turn up almost unlimited capacity for our call center customers,” said Robert Bral, CEO, BBCOM. “The DeNoVoLab solution also delivers features, such as Least Cost Routing, Bad Call Blocking and SIP message manipulation, that enable us to maximize utilization and profitability”.

DeNoVoLab, BBCOM, Class 4 Switching, Class 4 Fusion
About BBCOM (
Founded in 1997, BBCOM, Inc. operates the fastest-growing US VOIP telecommunications network with more than 3 Billion minutes processed annually. Headquartered in Los Angeles, BBCOM operates a nationwide facilities-based VOIP network delivering wholesale and retail services to leading carriers, wholesale companies and large retail enterprises. BBCOM offers a full suite of Origination and Termination VOIP services and the company's new Local International VOIP services introduce unprecedented value, quality and flexibility for US customers who frequently place and receive calls to and from other countries.

About DeNoVoLab (

DeNoVoLab Limited. is a leader in high performance Class 4 softswitch that is equipped with billing, routing, and automated traffic monitoring with proven expertise in delivering secure, reliable and scalable, and high performance soft switching solutions. With customers across the globe, DeNoVoLab has enabled service providers to capture and retain users and generate significant ROI by though our feature rich switch solution and automated operation allowing service provider to terminate more traffic with less operation cost. DeNoVolab Class 4 Switch includes media, signaling gateways, routing servers, session border controllers and subscriber features. DeNoVoLab Class 4 switch is supported by a global services team with experience from leading telecommunication equipment manufacturers such as Nortel and Huawei. For more information, visit
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Monday, June 19, 2017

DeNoVoLab Newsletter No.2

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Here's What's New

DeNoVoLab has been non-stop dedicated in building new automation to make life easiers for all our users. We're excited to share some recent improvements you may be interested in.

So: What's New?

We keep your data safe by integrating our high performance Class 4 switch with real time integration to Google Cloud Storage. We keep your CDR and SIP Trace safe at all time.

Our development team has been shipping iterative improvements to the agent portal. Recent updates include:
  • Auto commission calculation
  • Referral Link
  • Commission by revenue or gross profit

What's Ahead

Big Data Storage for Real Time CDR Search

We offer each of our users our patent-pending big data technology in high speed real-time CDR retrieval and report generation. This technology let's you get real time reporting on 10K CPS of call traffic.

What Are You Waiting For?

Download DeNoVoLab High Performance Switch

For free of charge, we offer you our switch as freeware. To download please visit us at For 100 USD, we can install it on your own server.

Thank you for reading,
DeNovoLab Team
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DeNoVoLab Newsletter No. 1

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We've been busy building better switches to help you manage your traffic at scale. We're excited to share some recent improvements you may be interested in.

So: What's New?

We know how painful it is when you need to turn down lucrative call centre traffic just because your switch can't support it.  As a leader in high performance switch provider, DeNovoLab is all you need to handle high CPS call-centre traffic.   

Our development team has been shipping iterative improvements to the rate management module. Recent updates include:
  • Flexible rate delivery email template
  • Delivering of rate via download links
  • Auto recording of rate download requests
  • Auto generation of rate decks
  • Self-service rate download portal

What's Ahead

Live SIP Capture Cloud

We offer all switches a live SIP Capture storage cloud that enables retrieval of live SIP Capture files via API. We know how important it is to have SIP Capture available during critical troubleshooting and dispute investigation.  

What Are You Waiting For?

100 USD Trial Switch

For 100 USD/month, we will give you hosted switch with 200 ports so you can try out as much as you want before you feel comfortable with our solution.  To sign-up, please visit us at  This trial gives you a fully functional switch on a dedicated server featuring the following specification:
  • intel 4x 3.6GHz CPU
  • 24GB RAM
  • 2x 250GB SSD
  • 1 Gbit/s
Thank you for reading, 
DeNovoLab Team
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

DeNovoLab Limited Announces That They Are Releasing Community Edition of its Commercial High-Performance Class 4 Softswitch

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The Only Commercial High-Performance Class 4 Softswitch Offering Community License 

Wilmington, Delaware, USA - May 30th, 2017: DeNoVoLab, a global leader in next-generation IP-based Telco-in-a-box Class 4 Switch equipped with switching, routing, billing, and monitoring, today announced the release of a FREE commercial high-performance Class 4 Softswitch.
Carriers can Download via Denovolab website >>>
There is good news today with the announcement that DeNovoLab is releasing its Softswitch as freeware. This news will come as a welcomed relief to VoIP Carriers looking for an ideal class 4 softswitch with billing built in. The VoIP switch was born out of a desire to deliver the very best to VoIP Billing and VoIP switching companies, and we can guarantee our service to be the best.
The newly released freeware Class 4 Softswitch offers exceptional value to service provider by driving a lower total cost of ownership. The community edition lets anyone use DeNoVoLab’s High performance Class 4 switch with unlimited CPS for 500 ports. Its engine is the same as a DeNoVoLab’s commercial paid version. This initiative is a way for DeNoVoLab to give back to the telecommunication community. Many startups can quickly get started with terminating traffic by installing this free version on any AWS or Google Cloud within ten (10) minutes.
DeNoVoLab also provides a user manual and video training all available from at
This Community Edition has the same value added features such as LRN billing, local billing
which are critical for US termination. Unlike other freeware, it is supported for enhancement
requests. Any user can post questions on our support forum and our engineer's will response
almost immediately.
Anthony Sticha, who is the president of Voice Valley International, explained “In the past, I have
been using Opensips, but I also paid a lot of money for customizing it and maintaining the
solution. With DeNoVoLab’s free switch version, I don’t have to worry about all that, and it runs
immediately on my AWS”.
“Many people ask why we give out so much value for free. Our idea is very simple, each time we
have a new version, we will release out our older version free of charge. This means that our new
version must have a significant advancement for users to keep paying for our commercial
version. We use this to ensure that we keep improving our products all the times.” Said Anne
Kwong, chief architect of DeNoVoLab.
About DeNoVoLab
DeNoVoLab Limited Is a leader in high-performance Class 4 Softswitch equipped with billing,
routing, and automated traffic monitoring with proven expertise in delivering secure, reliable
and scalable, and high soft switching solutions. With customers across the globe, DeNoVoLab
has enabled service providers to capture and retain users and generate significant ROI through
our feature-rich switch solution and automated operations, allowing service providers to
terminate more traffic with less maintenance cost. DeNoVolab Class 4 Switch includes media,
signaling gateways, routing servers, session border controllers and subscriber features.
DeNoVoLab Class 4 switch is supported by a global services team with experience from leading
telecommunication equipment manufacturers such as Nortel and Huawei. For more
information, visit >>>
About Voice Valley International:
Voice Valley International Limited based out of HK, is a premier wholesale carrier focusing on
A-Z termination, US termination and Call Center Termination. Started from 2006, Voice Valley
has over 1000 interconnections with over 50 tier 1 vendors ranging from PCCW, Vodafone, and
Deutsche Telecom. You can visit Voice Valley International at >>>
DeNovoLab's High Performance Class 4 Softswitch is available for FREE
download Now!
DeNoVoLab can also host your soft switch at their state-of-art colocation facility. Please visit the
website at >>>>

You are the only one missing!

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Interview with Anne Kwong, Chief Architect of DeNoVoLab

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1- Can you tell me why DENOVOLAB decided to release a freeware version of its high-performance Class 4 switch?
We are the only commercial soft switch vendor that is releasing our software free of charge.  We do this because we see ourselves as software developers and we just want more our work to be benefiting more peoples. It does give us a lot of proud when seeing telecom carriers using our products.  We are offering our free version at
2- What is the key differentiator of DENOVOLAB?
Unlike many commercial class 4 switches that are also developing the core switches themselves, we are probably one of the most economical and yet highest performance. We develop the entire switch based on the sofia-sip stack that we modified on.  Also, unlike many low-cost switch vendors are simply using an open source switch wrapped with a user interface, we developed our own core switching and routeing login from the group up.  This has given us much more flexible in developing innovative features and yet keeping our price one of the most affordable in the market.
3- How do you see as your key advantages against your competitors?
First of all, because we developed our switches from scratch.  We understand everything in and out of our switch.  It makes it possible for us to develop new features with more flexibility and shorter time frame. We can continuously optimise the performance of our own code.  There is ultimately nothing that we can’t do with our switch.
Also, since we own the intellectual property of our entire product, we can offer much more competitive pricing and yet maintain a healthy business model ourselves.
4- What is the future direction of DENOVOLAB?
We will be rolling out different business models on top of our core switching technology.  In the product pipelines, we have SDN switch, Cloud switching, API-driven Class 4, Class 4, Call Center, Communication-as-a-service.
We want to apply our switching technology to different segments of the telecommunication market.
5- Can you tell us about DENOVOLAB?
Denovolab started in 2008 as a software company focusing high-performance switch development. We have over 50 implementations worldwide and terminate over 100 million minutes daily of voip traffic in total.
6- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
The core of our development is our switching engine.  We will continue to refine our core technology so that it can switch much higher traffic volume,   higher CPS, lower processing time.  We are exposing our core switch engine with APIs.  We want to work with other software developers to use our core switching technology to build innovative products together with us.  We see ourselves as the core switch engine developers and other developers can use us to develop much more interesting products on top.
7- What were some of your development challenges?
Our biggest challenges are to make our core engine to terminate more traffic and higher density of call volume with smaller hardware footprint.  For example, we have invented a kernel level algorithm that would let carriers to retrieve real-time CDR, SIP capture, and report without additional hardware.  We have built in Big Data analytic capability to our core switch so carriers can perform real-time reporting without a separate reporting database or engine.
8- What do you see as today industry trends?
Many telecom carriers are making less money due to a widespread use of Whatsapp, Skype, and similar App.  There is less volume of overall call traffic has significantly decreased.
Many telecom carriers are making less profit and therefore, they need a lower cost solution to terminate traffic.   This has given us, Denovolab, the opportunity to outperform our competitors in the market.  This is because we offer the highest price/value ratio products in the market.  Our core switch is not only more affordable but also our performance exceeds most of the higher cost commercial alternatives out there in the market.
9- What do you see the future of DENOVOLAB Class 4 Switch?
The future of Class 4 Switch is with automation and artificial intelligence.  We now have a team of software scientists developing a new suite of the automation solution. For example, Our new switch engine version 7 will have the capability of identifying and repairing routing issues.
10- What is DENOVOLAB’s business strategy?
In 2017, we will be rolling out cloud switching solution.  This cloud solution will further lower the cost of operating the switch.  At the same time, we can translate cost saving to lower fee to our clients.
We believe in giving out software for FREE.
DeNovoLab will also be releasing more FREE tool that is meant to serve as a way to give back to the industry and benefit everyone.  We are launching a portal that has rate generation, auto route test, CDR comparison, and LRN dipping all offered free of charge.

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