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Friday, November 23, 2018

In industry first, DeNoVoLab Announces Launch of Open-Source Initiative for High Performance Class 4 SIP Switch

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Delaware // 29 November 2018

In an industry first, DeNoVoLab – a Hong Kong-based Class 4 softswitch provider – is launching an open source initiative for its high performance Class 4 SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) switching platform with full-blown OSS (Operation Support Systems) functionality. This groundbreaking version of the Class 4 Fusion platform will be available from Monday 19 November.

The launch of the open source initiative is set to disrupt the carrier-grade Class 4 SIP switching market, as it advances operators‘ options from ‘telco-in-a-box’ to ‘telco-for-everyone’. The introduction of the open source element allows anyone to launch a telco business.

DeNoVo’s Class 4 Fusion platform has been in operation since 2008, and is highly regarded for its Swiss knife design that covers all the features telecom carriers require. The software is used by hundreds of telco operators, and is credited with terminating over half a million ports of traffic and 10 billion minutes daily. It is also recognized as the most high performing SIP switch available in the market based on its exceptional CPS (Calls Per Second) performance.

Targeting telecom carriers focusing on US domestic termination, international termination and DID origination, DeNoVoLab makes it simple to deploy and manage an all-in-one carrier-in-a-box switching solution at the carrier’s on-premise facility. As high call-per-second is a big concern for carriers in call center traffic, DeNoVolab is the first to optimize the Sofia SIP stack to handle thousands of CPS in one CPU core as well as building an in-kernel media proxy to handle high volume of media proxying channels.

Chief Architect of DeNoVo Lab, Anne Kwong, said the release of the open source initiative was a game changer. “DeNoVoLab is doing for the Class 4 switches what Android did for mobile phones. We are solving the most critical challenges faced when attempting to deploy high performance switches at the carrier’s premise with the least hardware investment in today’s revenue shrinking market,” Ms. Kwong said. “We are now able to provide a horizontal application platform that works in any telecom company, for any solution, on any business model, while developers build the vertical applications on top. Any developer can write and deploy carrier grade switching platform for the most demanding telecom companies in an afternoon,” she said.

Brian Shepard, CEO of Integrated Path Communications – a US CLEC with licences in 12 states – said the groundbreaking software will allow open source developers to transform their own businesses and workflows. “At Integrated Path Communications, we believe the trend towards virtualization will have a profound effect on vertical markets by accelerating adoption of open source and NFV technology in industries. “DeNoVoLab’s high performance switching platform builds on this belief. With this comes great potential for those industries to be at the forefront of the next telecom paradigm,” Mr. Shepard said.

President at Bluebird Phone, Peter Batchalor, said the innovative software had allowed his company to overcome a major challenge. “Our difficulty in transitioning from traditional interstate TDM circuits to IP based voice (VoIP) delivery was greatly reduced in terms of effort and complexity due in large to the DeNoVoLab’s switch, " said Mr. Batchalor said.

“Our open-source strategy is a differentiator in the commercial carrier-grade switching industry. We break down the traditional IT/OT vertical silos, empowering a wave of telecom developers and experts to build and deploy novel telecom applications. We are already seeing wide-scale traction with both customers and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners in industries such as cloud telecom providers, hosted switch provider, hosted call centers,” said Jack Yang, VP of Development of DeNoVoLab.

DeNoVoLab’s open source edition is now available via https://github.com/denovolab. A RPM installation is also available to be download via http://www.denovolab.com/download.

About DeNoVoLab

DeNoVoLab is a high performance switch development company based in Hong Kong. The company’s technology, the Class 4 Fusion Switching Platform, is open-sourced under the Eclipse Foundation, turning any Linux machine into a full-blown telecom switch platform with complete suite of switching, routing, billing, monitoring, and security features. Developers can now simply and securely deploy and manage applications and microservices at the edge. “Telco-in-a-box” creates an intelligent, automatic and secure SIP switch.

Available today, the Class 4 Fusion open source initiave focuses on three foundational technologies for developers:

Switching Engine: DeNoVoLab’s switching engine turns any computer hardware into an intelligent high performance switch capable of handling both signaling and media in high call-per-second. DeNoVoLab monitors the real-time credit situation of each client and vendor with profit protection, so carriers can operate their business with peace of mind. The switching engine also has a built in routing module that is capable of routing based on caller ID, terminating number and location routing number, while taking into consideration the limiting capacities of each terminating gateway.

Billing Engine: The DeNoVoLab’s billing engine supports all possible billing requirements in the telecom industry. Supporting billing for both terminating and origination traffic, it can handle MRC, NRC, per-port charge, per-minute charge, as well as billing by ANI vs DNIS, and LRN vs DNIS.

User Interface: Designed from day one with security in mind, utilizes everything from iP addresses to traffic pattern to create a secure switch access interface. The Class 4 Fusion User Interface allows users to have one single view of every aspect of the business. Find out more at www.denovolab.com or follow us on Twitter at @denovolab


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Monday, January 29, 2018

Invitation to Download free telco-in-a-box SBC

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What would you do if I show you a powerful DeNoVoLab's all-in-one Class 4 Softswitch that is a  total solution bundled with billing, routing, switching and reporting?  Supporting US, A-Z, Dialer, and Origination traffic, DNL is a powerful soft-switch that can automate all your processes such as rate generation, rate delivery, agent portal, and client portal.  You can use it to send out daily balance report, daily usage report, invoices, and pretty much anything you can think of.  

Our fully-featured switch is available for free download and anyone can easily install the downloadable RPM package with a single Linux command.  The FREE version is good for 500 ports with unlimited CPS constraints and we have specially tuned it so that it would run extreme high CPS with some low-cost servers, and even a 10 USD/month VM will do.  Check out the free version at http://www.denovolab.com/download.

You may check out our two white paper “Class 4 Switch Buyer's Guide” and “Next Generation VoIP Wholesales Platform” to understand what feature set is available and how we compare against other switch offerings.  You can download these two white papers at http://www.denovolab.com/whitepaper.

Even as a free user, we give you free support via email, our support site, and skype.  If you want to use our switch for more than 500 ports, we will not charge you for anything until you are satisfied and can terminate production traffic with our switch.  We will even provide you a NOC free of charge to assist you in data migration so you don’t need to worry about learning a new switch.  All you need is to rent a low cost rental servers to start with and I can give you some recommendation upon request.  

You can see we do have some very happy clients and you can find some of our press releases in http://denovonews.blogspot.com:
  • Integrated Path Communication
I can set up a reference call for you to discuss with our current users who are terminating significant amount of traffic.

There is no obligation and before you can start running live traffic, there is no cost to it too.  You can test and use it for as long as you need.  You may compare side-by-side with your current switch and let me know your feedback as I am always working on improving and optimizing our technology.  

We also can host your SBC for you at our colocation facility in Las Angelas.   We feel our hosting pricing is very competitive based on feedback from current users but I will offer you a price match guarantee as well, so all you need to worry about is whether our switch matches your needs and nothing else.  You can check out our hosted switch with dedicated bare metal server at http://www.denovolab.com/pricing.     

Please give us a chance to show you our switching technology.   I will be available at your convenient time to have a conference call with you and your team to go over any questions you may have.

Anne Kwong
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