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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Release Note - 13/8/17

4874DID repository export not showing all fields
4873DID repository not showing the DID when new client is assigned
4871IP getting not added.. Says duplicate IP
4865DID Report
4839DID Repository
4874DID repository export not showing all fields
4847Calls with Orig/Term Release with D not seems Dropped calls from switch
4845Format of Report is not same in Daily Summary
4837DID Repository  
4812Disable All Carrier button does not write to modification log
4783Billing rule fixed and variable rate set error
4714Agent CDR error
4708switch setting is showing empty
4704Apply Rate Table for generated rate
4703Generate Rate export
4702Rate Generate result
4700Calculate Rate Based on LCR
4698Rate Generation Margin
4697Download IP
4696Rate Delivery log
4328Teleinx- call failing with 402 is not in QoS

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